Don't Hide Close Tab Button

  • It's a bit annoying those crosses for closing tabs are disappearing when mouse isn't over them. Can there be an option to not hide those?

    Also don't know where to write that, but there's option to not close browser with last closed tab. I've turned that off and somehow it closes all browser windows when last tab was closed in one of them rather than only that window. Maybe that was intentional, but for me that wasn't expected behaviour and I suggest to close only the window where no tabs left, rather than all windows...

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    @Hirumo The purpose of closing the close tab button is to maximise space for displaying the Tab Title.

    Better ask your other question in the appropriate forum for your OS. For me, closing the last tab in a window only closes that window, not the browser, whether I use the Ctrl+W shortcut or click the Close button at top right.

  • I cannot confirm that behavior aswell. I have opened 3 extra windows with some tabs each, disabled the "don't close window with last tab" setting, and every time I close the last tab, each window gets closed but the other ones are still there. Win7 32 bit, Vivaldi 2.3.1440.37

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sorry, guys, my bad, can't replicate closing whole browser either now. Guess it was one-time bug with something else went wrong. Scratch that.

    Let's return to main topic - close buttons. I understand why they are hidden, but I'd rather not hide them. It's rare sight for me to have 20 tabs or more, usually it's somewhat around 6-8. And it's unpleasant when I sometimes click in place where close button shold be, but opening tab insted, so I'd rather not hide Xs.

  • Thanks Hiromu, I second that request. A permanent hide button would be quite useful for touchscreen users.

  • Re: Don't Hide Close Tab Button agreed. Highly annoying to have to hunt for the X on a tab to close.

  • Please add an option to always display the close tab buttons.

  • Use the middle mouse button to close, in the meantime.... much better than reach that X 😉

  • Change the position of the close button in your settings to be on the left, then you won't accidentally click where it is because you'll know exactly where it is -- under the favicon for the tab.

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