• I will no longer be using Vivaldi since my custom css was disabled upon the new snapshot install (Yes, I added in the "@import: custom.css;" in to common.css) I lost my entire layout & Im done with it... Hopefully this browser shapes up to be the best out there but for now I am done... Any ideas why my stuff didnt work would be appreciated, thank you.

  • just add the import line again and copy back your custom files form old installation (it's still there) to the new one (and keep a backup of them, just in case).

  • Always keep a copy of your .css custom file to copy in the new folder after every update.
    Well it's pretty normal if after the update you lost your styles, I would have been worried way more if you had your custom styles after the update to the latest snapshot.

    You would have had the same problem with any other browser, the css file is in the browser installation folder, not in your profile.
    Probably you won't have to deal with this problem anymore in the near future

  • As I said in my first post I added the import & moved the css to the proper place, it didnt register & for SOME reason the OLD install wasnt there. I know its odd…

  • I still cant understand why you and guys from "UI customization" topic edit so big and important file as common.css?

    I just addedto browser.html and very happy with that. This file is so little, so simple. It had not change since first Technical Preview. And I dont need to worry about editing after update. I just copy 2 files from past version.

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    Because the custom.css may be used in other html files so @import will always import it. But that's a fine solution too. I have a batch and a bash script for doing all the stuff automatically for me, so I don't bother.

    There's no : (colon)

    @import "custom.css";

  • @An_dz:

    There's no : (colon)

    @import "custom.css";

    Damn it…


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