Snapshot Improvements to Search Engine Management, Spatial Navigation, Gray look and the f

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, The highlights today are improvements to search engine management, spatial navigation, an alternative UI look and work in progress towards customisable mouse gestures. In addition, there are a number of nice, requested fixes (see the changelog below for details). Go here for details: Regards, Christian Dysthe - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Is this the first time we have an interesting "disappearing tabs when not maximised" feature or have I just noticed it for the first time?

    I usually use browsers maximised on the screen, but when playing with the new dark theme just now I happened to "restore" the window and realised the tab bar was gone! Also the status bar was displayed transparently over the bottom of the web content.

    A bit of experimenting showed that the tab bar and opaque status bar came back only when the bottom of the window was docked to the Windows taskbar again.


    Oh - weirder and weirder. I maximised and restored again and now it doesn't do that any more! Now the toolbars are there all the time and re-sized rather stutteringly when I changed the window shape.

    Bug? Or did I accidentally activate an undocumented UI feature?


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