Touch Input Offset on Surface Pro 2017

  • Greetings,

    I am using Vivaldi version 2.2.1388.37 (direct download install from and it has not updated since) on a Surface Pro 2017 with a clean installation of Windows 10 1809 (installed Jan 18). All drivers are current and I'm not having this problem in any other program. After Windows and Vivaldi reinstalled, I restored my bookmarks and settings as described here:

    For about a month now I have noticed occasional navigation issues where the input from touch and pen offsets by approx 1/4" above the intended "target." It was intermittent, closing the browser and reopening it would realign input. Since the clean install of 1809, input has become unusable because of this offset and I have resorted to using Chrome for functionality because I frequently use my Surface without the keyboard attached.

    I cannot say where the problem began exactly, I trust that a future update to Vivaldi will resolve the issue. I would very much like to continue to use Vivaldi but the navigation bug makes it unusable for me. I am willing to try anything that may resolve the issue, any help is much appreciated.

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  • As titled, I am unable to select text using Vivaldi on a Windows 10 tablet via touchscreen.

    When I select a word in a paragraph, it may end up selecting another word that is not the word I selected, and the left/right arrowhead selectors are always located somewhere at the top left. Tapping on the arrowheads doesn't work too.

    See attached photo:


  • To further add on, I am using Windows 64 bit and Vivaldi 2.2.1388.37 (Stable channel) (64-bit) 🙂

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    @Bludenbuz There are several previous threads, like this one that I merged yours with.

  • @Pesala ah thanks !

  • This is a bit strange and I'm not 100% sure this is the fault of vivaldi but thought I should post here, as it's the only place I have found the problems.

    Recently, I got a new laptop with a touch display built-in, and for the most part, it works just as expected in pretty much any area of windows with a decent amount of precision. But, whenever I try to interact with something in vivaldi through touch, it always clicks about a centimeter below where I actually clicked.

    An example would be me, scrolling through reddit comments. I tried to collapse the comment thread, only to have the browser actually think I clicked on the downvote on the comment below.

    I am using the latest version on the stable channel for updates and am running on a dell inspiron 15 3567, if that info is needed.

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    @ChaseWW I merged your thread with this one. It is a long-standing issue.

  • The problem is solved for me on Vivaldi 2.2.1388.37 🙂


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