Fixes, fixes, fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.4

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    @AndreyL That's the downside of using Snapshots. Should be another one behind, maybe this week with luck. The bug is apparently Known and fixed in the next build.

  • @npro: In an earlier Snapshot, one time while the right-click context menu was open after clicking on the icon in the task bar, just hovering the mouse were moving speed dials. Drove me nuts.

  • Just a heads up, Chromium/Chrome 72, and thus Vivaldi, have removed the Strict site isolation (#enable-site-per-process) flag, which I know some around here liked to keep disabled to sidestep certain issues that I don't recall now.

    Of course, it's now enabled by default.

  • VB-48796 Please Refer Vivaldi Team

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    @Dhwanilk201 How can we test this?
    You did not describe step by step how to reproduce and where!

  • Please, pretty please, fix the broken MRU tab cycling. I need Vivaldi and I need MRU tab cycling badly! Oh, and I don't want to fall back to a stable version 😉

    Keep up the great work! Love this browser!

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    @r0brain Regressions are inevitable in Snapshots. Even in stable versions (sometimes). Do not use Snapshots as your default browser if you cannot tolerate such issues even for a week or two.

    Try Alt+Scrollwheel for tab cycling and show the tabs as a list. It is much easier to use.

  • FIXES, FIXES and yet the browser is still broken after 12+ months.

    The issue where it starts as a window stretched to the constraints of the screen rather than maximized is here since I first reported it around November 2017.

    Shame on you. I was really hyped about this browser, but it has become one stale project where a lot of useless features are being added on a daily basis and the core issues still linger.

    As it has been for as early as 2015, the only way to access downloads is to press F4 to open the side panel. And if you don't want to have the side panel you have to hide it altogether. And to bring up Downloads, you have to press F4 and then switch to Downloads, because there is visually no way on the UI to access Downloads.

    I suggested you about 2 years ago to add Downloads button to the top right of the UI that when you click it it opens a Download pane on the top right and when you click away, it hides....

    You still don't have such simple QoL features and you add more useless junk to bloat the browser like the last time I remember - there was image analysis with RGB and other useless stats that nobody cares about.

    And the whole idea to write your UI in CSS has been the biggest mistake ever. Look at Cent browser. It is another Chrome fork that has even more features than yours and it still uses Chrome's default UI.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, so it will probably get downvoted, and in contrast to all the fanboys that get wet when there is a new snapshot build, you need to hear some actual criticism so you know you're DEFINITELY NOT GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION WITH THIS BROWSER. First you need to make it generally usable and then add new features, not bloat it with features and wonder why you end up with a bloated mess that hardly works and accomplishes basic tasks to load pages properly.

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    @Deyirn To access the Downloads Panel from the UI, open the Menu, View submenu. Assign a convenient shortcut if you wish.

    0_1548933645012_Downloads Panel.png

    The panels can be set to floating in Settings, Panels, but I prefer to just turn off the Panel Toolbar when I have done what I want in panels by using F4. My primary monitor is 1200x1600 portrait, so horizontal space is precious.

    Criticism is more often useful than sycophantic praise, but at least it should be based on fact, not fiction.

    You are not going in the right direction — just my two cents.

  • @Deyirn said in Fixes, fixes, fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.4:

    Cent browser/ Anti-Vivaldi rant

    Lol you are bringing up Cent as an example to follow? Credibility lost. That browser is more broken than Vivaldi 0.1 was, themes broken-non existant actually except for using Chrome's (yay), Speed Dial rip-off implementation broken, Bookmarks and Bookmarks Bar broken and useless, no need to continue further and mention more broken features or that is has no tab stacks, no sessions, no window panel, panels in general etc.
    But your post has also a good side, the fact that you are sticking with Cent is good news for this forum.

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    @Deyirn said in Fixes, fixes, fixes – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1440.4:

    I suggested you about 2 years ago to add Downloads button to the top right of the UI that when you click it it opens a Download pane on the top right and when you click away, it hides....

    You are literally describing the Downloads Panel, except that Vivaldi's downloads panel is more flexible than what you would typically see in other browsers: You can move the panels to the right if you wish, you can bind keyboard commands for them if you want, and you can set them to automatically close when you click outside.

    This has existed in Vivaldi for years.

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    New Snapshot 2.3 RC1.


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