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  • This document is directed toward the developers of Vivaldi Mail, hopefully based upon Opera M2 so that all I will have to do is direct my mail in Vivaldi Mail to my current M2 Directory and presto, no conversion necessary. Beyond that however, I would like, as a retired systems analyst who began his career on IBM 1401s and 360s, to offer a mail program module which, as far as I know, no other mail program has ever developed or even considered developing. If implemented in Vivaldi Mail it would definitely make the software absolutely unique in this respect. In another career I was a Librarian and as such realized years ago that e-mails would form a body of important documents for historians in decades to come. Although you can export e-mail and there is an online Opera mail conversion program, no e-mail program that I have seen has ever implemented a real Archival module. Here are some of the characteristics of one that would be necessary. [b]A choice of Archival formats[/b]. As there is absolutely no guarantee that any given format will be accessible in a decade or so, the choices would have to be best guesses as to which ones might last: Open Office xml, pdf, etc. Keep in mind that the Library of Congress was given years ago by the Department of Defence about 70,000 tapes with masses of information on the Vietnam War. Unfortunately IBM had created a unique format for the information and shortly after the war's end had destroyed all software and documentation. Pity the poor Archivists at the Library. [b]Complete information. [/b] Archivists are interested in originals, not copies. As long as they are dealing with paper the difference is plain. With electronic documents, however, it is not at all clear cut. So the proposed software would have to archive the complete e-mail including all headers, etc. in the layout of the original. [b]Mail format.[/b] It could be argued that the mbox format is adequate but my guess is that in a few decades there will be very little software able to read it. Besides mbox itself has diverged into several slightly differing formats. End access software. Best guesses here, but Adobe Reader, MS Word, OpenOffice (LibreOfffice), are obvious choices to open and read archived mail files. [b]Input formats.[/b] The ability of the Archival module to read in e-mail files from Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail as well as handling G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. This is perhaps a bit optimistic and webmail providers would probably need some sort of contractual agreement unless they offered the ability to download webmail to the user's computer. Years ago I proposed such an Archival module to the Opera developers with no results. With a multitude And a last suggestion for Vivaldi Mail: do keep labels rather than folders; it is so much easier to maintain mail grouping. And I see that the new Protonmail has adopted labels as well; smart guys to pick Opera M2 brains!


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