Multiple monitors and browser locked

  • This was partially reported in previous posts. Wondering if there is progress on it. I use multiple monitors on Windows 7 and Vivaldi loads on the right monitor (as you face the monitors) every time. I want to drag it to the left monitor but it won't budge, even when not filling the screen. Love the browser so far, but this would be a welcome addition. Thanks! Ed

  • Not exactly related to Vivaldi but for multiple monitor scenarios a good management utility is almost mandatory.

    Displayfusion, for example, is great.

  • Works fine here with WIndows 10, Make the window smaller than the height of the other monitor, test it with making the window real small and try to drag it there.

  • I have this problem also (windows 7 x64)

  • I cannot seem to drag Vivaldi to 2nd window in windows 7 64 bit but some program (Displayfusion I think) has added a button next to the minimise button that allows me to move it to the next monitor and back again


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