Zoom Settings Change too Rapidly

  • I am using Vivaldi with MX-18, 32-bit linux. I can set the zoom level either with Ctrl and +, or using the slider control on the bottom of the screen. However whenever I use PageUp or PageDown keys ... the zoom settings change down until they are illegible (<40%). Has anybody else observed this problem?? Any work-rounds about?


  • @riccardo44 When the zoom slider has focus, Page Down will reduce the Webpage Zoom by 50% and Page Up will increase it by 50%.

    This shortcut is undocumented. You can avoid it by going to Settings, Appearance, and selecting "Use Buttons for Range Controls."

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.253 • Snapshot 2.3.1435.4 (64-bit)

  • I reported this as a bug because it is undocumented, and may not be expected by most users. The behaviour of Left/Right cursor keys is, I think, expected behaviour.

    (VB-48539) PageUp/PageDown and Home/End Change Webpage Zoom

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    @Pesala said in Zoom Settings Change too Rapidly:


    Confirmed in bugtracker,

  • When using an input type=range instead of push buttons, it really should be an input type=range, with appropriate corresponding keyboard behaviour for usability and accessibility purposes.

    Try this page in various other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox:


    They all behave the same keyboard-wise. This is not unexpected or non-standard but exactly how the keyboard interface for an input type=range should work.

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    @Figaro_FV Did you already had inspected the statbusbar zoom slider?
    It has already the HTML5 attribute type with value range.

    <div class="zoom-control">
    <button class="zoom-reset button-toolbar-small" tabindex="-1" title="Zoom zurücksetzen" disabled="">Zurücksetzen</button>
    <span><input type="range" min="0.2" max="5" step="0.1" tabindex="-1" list="ticks-3363224" value="1">
    <datalist id="ticks-3363224">
    <span class="zoom-percent">100 %</span>

  • @Gwen-Dragon Which is exactly why it behaves this way, and why that's correct. It's simply a keyboard usability and accessibility feature.
    I proposed in the filed bug report that we might not put or keep keyboard focus on the zoom slider when a mouse user drags the slider. That would probably solve issues where focus is put there unintendedly but still allows putting focus there by clicking and then using the keyboard.

  • Thanks for the advice. Followed it and can report it works 100%. Thanks


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    You can change the zoom in small steps with Cursor↓↑, in larger steps with Pg↑↓ and Minimum/maximum with Pos1/End.

    I guess this was added for accessibility of keyboard users.

  • @Figaro_FV I suggest that this needs to be documented.

    Undocumented features as it is not in the help topic on Zoom Options in Vivaldi

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    @Pesala Internal testers see this behaviour with other keys a accessibility feature, not as a bug.

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    @Pesala said in Zoom Settings Change too Rapidly:

    this needs to be documented

    I agree, this feature is missing in official Vivaldi browser pages.

  • @Gwen-Dragon If it is intentional, then it's not a bug, but it should be documented.

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    @Pesala said in Zoom Settings Change too Rapidly:

    it should be documented.

    I added that in bugreport.

    //EDIT: And requested to add this to Vivaldi Help and Features pages.


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