When is resetting zoom coming?

  • To be honest I don't like very much the approach of just using + or - as zoom keyboard features, as opposed to all other browsers which use Ctrl + or Ctrl -. In particular because this is very standard and Vivaldi decided not to use the Ctrl modifier here. This also caused them all types of bugs in pages where people need to enter numbers. Actually this is the reason why some pages still are almost not usable, example are may vbulletin forums, if you type numbers, Vivaldi will zoom our or in or change tabs. All this is because they don't use a modified key like Ctrl or Shit or what ever. But what is shocking with all the builds is that Vivaldi still can reset the zoom back. There is no browser today which does not let you reset zoom back with Ctrl 0, but you can't reset zoom with the keyboard in Vivaldi. At least 0 does not work for me. The zoom is also very buggy. If you zoom a page in or out. Then visit the page another time, the zoom in the page is remembered but the zoom bar will always stay at 100% which is not true. I notice this because the page is bigger for example but when I look at the zoom it says 100%. Not correct. Hitting Reset will not work here, so the solution is to zoom in or out, then hit reset, and the page is now back at 100%. Zoom is important, in particular for users reading. I tend to zoom in, read the article, then zoom out when I finished. This is normal as monitors have higher resolutions and the text is smaller. The visible zoom bar was also one of the reason I liked the old Opera for laptops, as in laptops or smaller screens you use this even more. I like that Vivaldi also has this zoom bar visible in the bottom but please give it a bit more love in terms of how it works 🙂

  • What are you talking about?

    The single key shortcuts can be disabled.

    CTRL 0 is already there and all the zoom shorcuts are already customizzable…


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