More intuitive panel settings for show/hide.

  • So, first of all, I hate the panels. I want a 1920x1080p webpage like the web developer expects me to have. I never want to lose space of over something pinned over or removing from my view in any way. I don't want to stare at a download panel that automatically pops up (sure, you can disable that part) or have to sit there and wonder if my download is finished or not. It's insane to me to have a 1080p height and about 200p width (minimum) forced upon you. I'm not even sure the Windows 10 progress bar stuff on the taskbar even works anymore. I really wish there was some other implementation... Anyways, on to what my post was originally about.

    I guess I hid the download panel somehow or it got bugged. I spent a couple hours trying to diagnose why my downloads panel would not show despite clicking the view>Downloads Panel or the mentioned shortcut ctrl+shift+D. There is a "+" on the lower most panel, but it's some kind of web panel deal. Just on a random wim after deleting and editing profile files trying to fix, then and only then, did I think to right-click the panel and find I could just enable/disable it.

    To me, if I go to view>downloads panel, it should show.
    Same with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+d.
    At the very worst, show an error, but why not just show the panel instead?

    It's really ugly, but the closest thing is to do floating panels and auto hide (have to click out of the panel to hide it), but despite your preferences, if have the panels completely hidden (no toggle, nothing) and hit ctrl+shift+d and check my download, it shows. now, if I click off or hit ctrl+shift+d the panel bar stay.... I started without one, why would that stay?

  • @tommytom2k2 Is this a bug report, a feature request, or just a complaint?

    If it is a feature request it would help a lot to clarify what exactly you are requesting.

    If you think the current behaviour is wrong, then it is a bug, submit a Bug Report and I will move it to All Platforms.

    Bug Reporting Help

  • @Pesala I guess a bit of everything. Wouldn't really call it a bug, but it is confusing and could be improved by what I outlined.

    I personally don't want to use panels at all, but kinda forced into it with downloads, unfortunately. I wish there was another option. Please consider another alternative for downloads (chrome/opera/firefox/iexplore route were fine for me).

  • @tommytom2k2 said in:

    …if I click off or hit ctrl+shift+d the panel bar stay.... I started without one, why would that stay?

    If you use the panel only for downloads you'd maybe like F4 instead of Ctrl+Shift+D.

  • @tommytom2k2 They won't implement anything unless you describe what you want accurately. One man’s “more intuitive,” is another man’s “impossible to discover.”

    The way the View menu is currently designed, there are no checkboxes for the Panels, whether they are open or not; enabled or disabled. The menu simply displays them if they are enabled and hides them if they are displayed.

    The shortcut to hide the Panel Toolbar is F4. The assumption seems to be that the Panel Toolbar will be displayed by most users on a standard 1920x1080 landscape display. My primary monitor is 1200x1600 so I hide it, and use F4 or a Mouse Gesture to show panels. I seldom use the Specific Panel shortcuts, and never use the menu route. That's just for learning purposes, IMO, once you know the shortcuts, why would you take a longer route?

    The Bug is that if a panel is currently disabled, it should be greyed out in the menu.

    I suggest voting for Toggle Panels on Hover or similar requests. If that is what you want, I will close this a duplicate.

  • @tommytom2k2 You could bookmark vivaldi://downloads and add it to your Bookmarks Bar (if you use that, if not give it a nickname and access the bookmark from the address bar by typing the nickname and pressing Shift+Enter).


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