Suggestion - Please change the loading bar default color

  • I know this can be changed by tweaking the CSS code, but this is not acceptable for normal non geek users, not to mention you would lose it on each upgrade. Please add a setting in the control panel to choose a loading bar color or change the default. The current white is terrible because the address bar background is also white. I tested this on different screens, from cheap ones to high IPS monitors, the white color is almost invisible. Very hard to see. This is not useful at all because its really hard to see and it strains the eyes. Sometimes a page is not loading and is stuck, so the loading bar will not move, then its almost a miracle to actually see it. Very annoying. Changing the color to something more visible at least you can see in a glance where its stuck or if the page is loading. White over a white background is terrible, users scan an interface visually and if they have to take attention to actually play the Where is Waldo with the loading bar, then its not useful at all. The old Opera had this as blue so it was clearly visible and useful. I understand you made this white for aesthetics, but beautiful here does not work. Its pretty much a useless feature if its so hard to see. Every browser should have a loading status indicator, in particular with how heavy some pages are today and how many web apps use ajax. There should be a clear visible way to see if a page is still loading. Vivaldi has this feature but I don't think many are using it as a visual clue because its so invisible. Please use another default color or let users change this. Just my 2 cents.


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