Google making Chromium block adblockers?

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    @RogerWilco And I believe the best start is to stop using google, Search, Docs, Drive, YouTube, mail and any other of their services.
    I know goo has become so ubiquitous that we can't seem to live without it.... but what did we do before goo? Somehow we managed.
    It is an ongoing process for me. Downloading all my google drive back onto my computer and external drives.

    EXACTLY. for the pc side of things it's pretty easy to avoid google and get more relevant search results. for those scared for their Android devices i've done some research and other than keeping the Android OS you can completely ungoogle you phone or tablet and lose non of your functionality. there are plenty of alternatives out there that do ONLY what they say and nothing else. no selling the data, no letting others see the data.

    Agreed. I never use google. If just browsing, I find Bing to give more relevant results. I also have specially configured search engines for more detailed work.
    For my Android Tablet, I use a Kindle Fire, already de-googled for the most part.

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    @abm0 said in Google making Chromium block adblockers?:

    I don't know what everyone's getting worked up about, uBlock isn't the only ad blocker in the universe. I use AdBlock Plus and I'm fine with the results, and an article in The Register about the Chromium change said AdBlock Plus will be able to stay mostly functional with some tweaks. So I'm not scared and certainly not planning to move away from Vivaldi just because of the news I've seen so far.

    code for adblock plus does as google says or get blocked./ luckily brave browser has been and continues to build their own adblocker, which is independent of of the code used for extensions and does not require the webstore for installing.

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    @Nicd thanks for sharing these insights. In case you want to follow the discussion happening with chromium (as we do), check the following links:

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    as i stated above just like google bing and yahoo! should be avoided if possible., cause they are as if not more intrusive than google. try startpage, dogpile(which poles several search engines at one time for results), ect.....

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    FYI, the Chromium team has officially backtracked on some of the changes that they proposed in their initial Manifest V3 draft and have posted a response to the backlash that they received from users and extension developers. I suspect that extension developers will still be upset, and it will be interesting to see how Google responds to ongoing feedback from the community. However, keep in mind that Manifest V3 is still a work-in-progress and the Chromium team have not posted any new/revised drafts as of yet.


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