Bookmark All Tabs should Bookmark only Tabs not Already Bookmarked

  • An additional menu item could be created, with the name like "Bookmark All Unbookmarked Tabs" or the existing menu item "Bookmark All Tabs" could be modified to not include already-bookmarked pages.

  • @dracho I moved your thread to settings.

    Not always, but often it is best to request an option rather than asking to change the current behaviour (unless it is clearly wrong).

    Bookmark All Tabs creates a new folder for the newly added bookmarks. Users do keep duplicates for various reasons.

    Duplicated Bookmark Detection Cleanup may have a better chance of being implemented than yet another option on the menu.

  • I believe the vast majority of users would prefer to not automatically create duplicates when using the "Bookmark All Open Pages" feature.

    Thus, I do believe the default behavior is wrong.

    If a user wanted a duplicate bookmark, he could still manually add the page to bookmarks. What I believe is much more likely for him to do when he wants a duplicate bookmark is to hold CTRL while he drags the bookmark to another folder in the Bookmarks Panel.

    At the very least, an option should be included in the settings to "Prevent Duplicate Bookmarks When Using the Bookmark All Open Pages Command" with the default being True.

  • @dracho If you think the default behaviour is wrong, submit a bug report.

    Submit a Bug Report

    Bug Reporting Help

  • It's not wrong, it's just one option that would be good for some, bad for others. I don't know if any browser have a duplicate check in bookmarks, that's the reason many extensions for it has been made.

  • @iAN-CooG Opera 12.18 does not allow users to add duplicate bookmarks. Some users complained about it.

    In Vivaldi too, someone requested the ability to add Bookmark Same Page in Multiple Folders. Currently, if one tries to do it from the Add Bookmark dialogue the bookmark is moved to the new folder.

  • @Pesala good to know then, and that's why it should be configurable, not everyone are happy with that.


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