• Just curious....does anyone know "who" Vmail is? It has the same email interface as Vivaldi.net and was curious to know "who" they are. Thanks. Joel

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    This would be easier to answer with a little more context. VMail is an abbreviation for a lot of things including, generically, voice mail and video mail. Some other app-builders whose app or company names start with a "V" also have internal things they call VMail.

    There is a text editor known as Vim, and one meaning of VMail is a Vim frontend for your GMail account. If you install VMail, you then use it to sign in to your GMail account, and this is supposed to give you better options for editing your emails. A guy name Dan Choi wrote the VMail app, and it is NOT an email provider in any way. It just gives you a new interface for GMail. If this doesn't answer your question, perhaps you could post a link to where you saw "VMail," and we can look into it further.

  • There is also an email provider named Vmail, which uses @vmail.me adresses. This email provider uses also the open source roundcube software for it's service
    But this service is very unreliable, the server are often down and i would feel very insecure because of that.

    I thought it would be cool if Vivaldi Mail could also use @vmail.net adresses. So that we could use @vivaldi.net and @vmail.net.
    Like a single gmail user can use @googlemail.com and @gmail.com for the same inbox.

  • Thanks…here are a couple of links....Vmail is an email provider and is supposed to be totally "secure"....???



    thanks for your thoughts....it's not a big deal at all so don't loose any time over it...was more curiosity than anything else


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