Add Play/Pause Button on the Task Bar Thumbnail

  • Hello,
    On Windows (but I suppose that option exists on other OSs), the taskbar's thumbnails can have media button, see that screenshot.

    It would be interesting to allow that option in Vivaldi. The browser automatically detects when a tab is playing something, hence it could add that control.

    To avoid problems with several tabs playing something, the controls could stay focus on the first tab. The user would have to change manually with a right click on the wanted tab.

    In my case, I have often more than 30 tabs open and selecting my music tab to pause it is not easy. That option could be great!

    But I don't know if the browser could easily find the pause button on the web site? Maybe on mainstream site like YouTube, Spotify or Dezzer...

    I hope you'll like my idea, and it's feasible!

    Best regards,

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