New squishy pinned tabs feature

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    As of this version, if you have tabs at side and have any pinned tabs, then when you exceed the number of tabs the side will hold without reducing height, then the height of the pinned tabs begins to be reduced as well, so that they become little teeny, tiny narrow lines which are hard to differentiate one from the next. I'm quite sure this is not intended.

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    Which all goes to prove the point that some users open far too many tabs.

    • Twenty's plenty
    • Thirty's dirty
    • Forty's naughty

    If people want to use a hundred tabs or more they can — it's a free world — but they should look for their own solutions to make that many tabs manageable, e.g. by stacking them, opening new windows, etc. They should not expect the developers to prioritise fixing bugs that affect only a handful of users who like to open far too many tabs.

    Do something a little out of the ordinary like open 25 tabs and stack them all together, and you will be sure to encounter any number of bugs. Users can suit themselves if that's how they want to work, but they should not expect the developers to fix the numerous bugs that they will no doubt encounter.

    Bottom line: If your head hurts when you bang it against the wall, then stop doing it.

    Online surveys suggest that more than 50% of users open ten or fiewer tabs, while only 30% of users open more than 20. A browser should be able to handle 30 tabs without serious issues, but above that there are likely to be problems.

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    Yeah. I'm observing the effect with four pins and eight additional tabs (pretty much the bare minimum for the current relatively simple task of renewing the licensing for my business). That's a pretty extreme limitation. I rarely get to twenty tabs, but don't usually use less than eight, so I'm right there in the mainstream. I know the developers will want to fix squishy pins.

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