Nuova Snapshot 2.3.1430.4

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    Nuova versione che porta un po' di novità e tante correzioni. Better naming for screenshots – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1430.4
    La novità principale ovviamente la si capisci dal titolo, adesso si può personalizzare il nome delle catture delle pagine, cosa molto gradita. Per abilitarla andate in: Impostazioni → Pagine web → Cattura immagine in "Capture File Name Template" mettete le impostazioni che più vi aggradano.
    La seconda è che adesso si possono mostrare e pagine visitate di frequente nel menu a discesa dell'URL. Per abilitarla andate in: Impostazioni → Barra degli Indirizzi → Menù a discesa nella barra degli indirizzi → metter la spunta su "Includi pagine visitate frequentemente"


    • [New] Add an option to show frequently visited pages in the URL Drop-Down: “Settings → * * Address bar → Address Field Drop-Down Menu → Include Frequently Visited Pages” (VB-3533)
    • [New] Custom screenshot file name (VB-31991)
    • [Regression] [Mac] Ctrl+Left Mouse Down doesn’t trigger a context menu (VB-45970)
    • [Regression] Cannot remove last speed dial folder (VB-48264)
    • [Regression] Crash when a exiting after an extension popup has been shown (VB-48139)
    • [Regression] Chrome native start page appearing before fresh page load (VB-47977)
    • [Regression] Grey window in moving a tab to a new window and back (VB-48042)
    • [Regression] Minimizing while maximized bugs out maximized state (VB-47470)
    • [Regression] Moving tiled tab stack back and forth multiple times triggers crash (VB-46032)
    • [Regression] Specific Home Page Lost on Changing Setting to Start Page (VB-47249)
    • [Regression] Status bar popups does not close (VB-48000)
    • [Regression] User cannot go back to day/week view in vivaldi://history once month view is selected (VB-47700)
    • [Windows] All-users install does not use installed language/locale (VB-47569)
    • [Windows] process crashes after a little while with HWA disabled (VB-30760)
    • [Mac] Clicking a certain extension icons makes Vivaldi crash (VB-44298)
    • [Mac] Impossible to do live video on Facebook (VB-45131)
    • [Settings] Add ability to search for search engines (VB-35583)
    • [Settings] Homepage input scheme resets to http (VB-35520)
    • [Speed Dial] Cannot add file:// URL to Speed Dial (VB-19722)
    • Allow right-button and Alt-key mouse gestures to be independent (VB-46727)
    • “Always Save Files to Default Download Location” setting option looks inconsistent (VB-47474)
    • Download panel does not respect ordering on initialization (VB-47985)
    • History calendar view cut off (VB-41526)
    • Official Chrome API chrome.extension.getViews({ type: ‘popup’ }) doesn’t work (VB-46910)
    • PageUp/PageDown and arrow up/down does not work after opening in new tab (VB-48133)
    • Reader view button moves the address field dropdown button: thanks John from Australia (VB-47968)
    • Re-ordering a tiled tab with internal PDF reader reloads example PDF (VB-48266)
    • Tab in background window closed with mouse gesture over visible tab in another window (VB-47721)
    • Unable to scroll PDF up/down with keyboard after clicking “Fit to page” (VB-44083)
    • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.55


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