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  • I use Inbox by Google on my phone and would like to use it on my computer too. Google [url=]says [/url] says "Oops, your browser is not yet supported. Inbox works best on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. More browsers coming soon." Note the phrase "works [b]best[/b]". Two questions: 1. Any idea when Vivaldi will be (officially) supported? 2. Is there a work-around to see how it works on Vivaldi even though it's not officially supported? Thanks.

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    1. Never. Google is checking which browser you're using and preventing you from seeing it, Google Inbox is 100% compatible with Vivaldi as it's a Chromium browser which is exactly what Chrome also is.

    2. Install an user-agent switching extension to pretend you're using Chrome.
    The extension:

  • Thanks!

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