Vivaldi is acting up....

  • Somehow Vivaldi corrupted its own Preferences. was watching a fullscreen video and it refused to go out of fullscreen mode and when I pressed Ctrl + N the new window popped up with no adress bar and Tabs sorting was looking glitched. restarted browser still same bug, now the extensions are listed but nothing works including extensions context menu.
    Installed Windows and Vivaldi, turned on sync, same issues..

    Any help to avoid it happening again would be appreciated.


  • @DarkniTe This may be a stupid question but who knows - what happens when you hit "F2" to open the quick commands menu --> type fullscreen mode and hit enter?

  • I have already reset everything and I'm back to normal...
    I did however try : @Pesala said in Address Bar and Toolbars Missing:

    @robfuscate It looks like Chromeless Mode to me (Try Ctrl+F11).

    did not work.

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    I saw this once (and it synced unfortunately over all my Vivaldi testing versions on Linux and Windows). I had to reset the browser profile.

    I fear that happened after a hard crash of Vivaldi 2.3 😞 I could not reproduce it.

    I reset my browser profil first (savend only bookmarks, notes and login database), logged in at Sync and cleared data on Sync first and resynced.

  • cant replicate it either, think its rare enough not to happen again.


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