The 4-year challenge

  • @Kobi Isn't it good to have such an interaction between devs and us (users) what is needed and where we would see some more progress? Regarding M3, let's just wait when it sees the light of the day to discuss it further. There are high expectations and not all might be fulfilled but that just leaves room for improvement. I wish that someday Vivaldi is the browser of your choice and you a contributing member of it's future development.

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    @Kobi said in The 4-year challenge:

    I live in 2019 and I see no use for a local mail client, I'm fine with webmail. Having a mail client imbedded in the browser would be bloat for me.

    I also live in 2019 and, like millions, have a critical need for a local mail client. Glad you're fine with webmail. That's kewl. The totality of the "bloat" with the embedded client is a very slightly larger installer. In fact, the installer for today's internal test version with mail is a MB smaller than the most recent snapshot without mail. Whut? And if you don't activate mail, it does not impact your usage in any way whatever. See how that works? I get what I need, and you don't have to have it. It's like magic.

  • @Ayespy Wanna share the todays installer to prove you right? 😋 (j/k)

    Edit: All Offtopic, sorry for hijacking.

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    @kahukura Uhm, yeah, sure! Actually, no. But thank you for playing.

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    I think Vivaldi also lives off criticism. I have used Vivaldi from the beginning and at the beginning I really had enough criticizable points. Even so I have used it as my main navigator because, it offered me features and tools that greatly improved my browsing experience, for the concept itself and for a wonderful community.
    Yes, I have used faster browsers, but this has never been an important factor for me, after all the differences in speed are minimal and it is logical that a browser like Chrome, that apart from navigating to dry, without many more features , it's easy for it to take a nanosecond less (and spend more than twice as much on resources) as Vivaldi.
    Certain that there is still way ahead in its development to put the things that are still missing, even so it already appears in some magazines and specialized pages as a browser to take into account and some even name it as the best navigator of the existing ones. It is not little for a browser that has 4 years of life, others after 10 years is not even mentioned in comparisons.

  • 2002-2014: Opera
    2015-now: Vivaldi

  • @Para-Noid said in The 4-year challenge:

    If you are implying M3 and a RSS reader, …

    No. M3 and RSS has nothing to do with security.

    I'm implying URL filter and custom CSS/content blocker.
    There's no other reason to use Opera ATM.

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    Deleted by justified suggestion of @rafiki,Mea culpa

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    @rafiki said in The 4-year challenge:

    @catweazle: You have no idea of my circumstances so your 'suggestion' is totally useless and inappropriate.

    You're right, sorry

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    Then - Opera (v12.17) & Firefox
    Now - Vivaldi

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    On the subject of built-in email client being bloat this FUD is as old as Opera Presto.

    @mossman said in Vivaldi mail client:


    Couldn't it be made modular? Ie, "check this box if you want email in your nice clean Vivaldi" at install time. Ah well, a guy can dream.

    It's funny that the "bloat" and "would be better modular" things are coming out yet again… :lol:

    This was said again and again and again and again about Opera with M2.

    And Harvaard responded again and again and again and again that:

    1. the "bloat" on your disk was a couple of hundred KB library file

    2. if you didn't use mail then the "bloat" when running was 0% since IT WAS NEVER LOADED INTO MEMORY

    3. if it was made modular THEN the bloat to your system would be a whole bunch of new stuff added to make the browser interface with the mailer - even if you never used mail!

    The thing about M2 was that all the UI, networking and filesystem stuff were already in the browser... so it was much more efficient to "build it in"!

    I recently noticed that whenever I log in to Gmail to check my mail, the progress loading indicator tells me that about 3.8 Mbytes of data is downloaded every time. I don't keep a load of email. After I have read it, I delete it, and I clear spam regularly. The 3.8 Mbytes of data is not cached, but is downloaded again even if I check my email 10 times a day.

    A built in email client, on the other hand, is not wasting any bandwidth. It just downloads what I want to read, and it can be set to check for new mail every 10 minutes (or whatever).

  • My browser history has gone Lynx -> Opera 3.x through 12.18 -> Vivaldi

    Four years ago I used Opera 12.18 with Chrome-Opera and Firefox as occasional backups for when it didn't work. Now I mostly use Vivaldi but still use Opera 12.18 for a few things that I don't like the way Vivaldi handles. Otter and IE are occasional (very, very occasional) backups.

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    I'm a Vivaldi user since slightly less than 2 years, now.
    4 years ago I was an Opera user (I kept using Opera 12 until I found Vivaldi).
    Before Opera... well, I don't even remember, as I was using Opera since version 5 (maybe some of you remember the top-right-banner-backed version - which got removed with version 6, if memory serves well...).
    Probably I was a Netscape 3.x/4.x user before that, but that's speculation.
    Oh yeah, I've used NCSA Mosaic the very first year I've seen the Web 🙂

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    4 years ago - probably Chrome.
    Now - Firefox.

    I've tried lots of browsers and used about 5 of them as primary (in various times), but Vivaldi has never been one of them.
    It is a good browser, but I guess it just lacks the selling point for me at the moment, I'll continue keeping an eye on it however 😛

  • @madiso Contribute to the development and help to make it The browser for everyones need. The more attention it gets, the better it will become. 🌻

  • 2015: Opera 10
    2019: Vivaldi
    I am too lazy to make a screenshot.

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    @kverkagambo said in The 4-year challenge:

    2015: Opera 10
    2019: Vivaldi
    I am too lazy to make a screenshot.

    LOL, use ShareX 😉

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    @cynical13: Tip, Seamonkey, although very useable, has not had an update in some time. For an alternate try PaleMoon

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    When I fists started on the web I had only Lynx at home. At work we could choose between Netscape (?) or IE3.
    Personally I used Lynx/Netscape ate home until I found Opera in the mid/late 90s.
    Took to FF as a backup browser as O was not always recognized.
    I have been using Vivaldi since its first Alpha version (before the Technical Release) and am still here checking the Snapshots.
    Must occasionally use FF for banking as the security Extension my bank wants me to use will not support Chromium browsers that are not chrome 😞
    To all the teams and support staff; Great work and some great achievements over the past years!

  • Good old days - Seamonkey (incl. E-Mail! ;-)):
    2020-02-19 10_05_04-The SeaMonkey® Project - SeaMonkey.png

    Transistioning to Vivaldi (still waiting for M3):
    2020-02-19 11_21_02-Schnellwahl - Vivaldi.jpg

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