The 4-year challenge

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    Ɵpera Presto until Dec 2013 >> Epiphany >> Iceweasel due to DFSG and trademak
    Finally Vivaldi Browser (Technical Preview), which had has an envelope icon at the Web Panel.


  • 2015 (was a huge fan... but saw my disappointment grow more and more) :
    2019 (I'm a huge fan... but saw my satisfaction grow more and more) :

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    Maxthon 5


    Vivaldi 2.0

  • OK, migrated slowly from Opera 12 to Vivaldi as it got more and more stable and surpassed Opera in site support, but still using Opera for email today...

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    Over the years I have used virtually all existing browsers. Some I liked and others less, but none of these satisfied me as much as Vivaldi with which I have been on since its first stable version, despite the many bugs and dead birds at the beginning.
    Until today I have not regretted the decision to use it as my default browser.

  • FF: → June 18
    V: June 18 →

  • 4 years before Firefox

    2015 to the present Vivaldi

  • The most customizable browser out there (install and tweak away).


    The browser that does not track you (our business is building the browser, not how you use it).

    Truth, but that's hardly a concern, when every website does what you do not.

    The browser with the most amazing community (350 000 strong to be more precise).

    Does that help me browse internet? No. Irrelevant.

    The browser that reflects what our users want (and not the agenda of investors pushing for profit).

    Except two most demanded features, two icons of security that Opera 12 offered to their users, are yet to be implemented.

    Not the best score.

    Opera 12 is still my primary browser. Since 2006.
    I only switch to Vivaldi, when the website absolutely don't want to work.

  • @AnrDaemon said in The 4-year challenge:

    The browser with the most amazing community (350 000 strong to be more precise).

    Does that help me browse internet? No. Irrelevant.

    But… but we are amazing /:
    I can help you browse the internet, just ask!

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    Started off with Chrome, moved on to Firefox (mostly to spare resources on my old machine), started using vivaldi thanks to a friend recommendation. default browser since that day. (I keep a bundle of other browsers for test purposes, but I use Vivaldi 99.998% of the time)

  • July 2014: Opera
    From then until now, Firefox, but I'm watching Vivaldi closely.

  • 2015: Maxton main, Firefox additional, Cent for speed search.
    2019: Waterfox main, Opera for vpn, Vivaldi for research.

    main thing i lack right now is customize-ability for menus and some more crash-proof auto-backup to be sure all tabs stay safe.

  • 4 years ago I used Opera, but now I user this fella

  • So, I've been using Opera for a long time, and after they've ditched the Presto engine, I had a hard time finding the right browser. I was bouncing back and forth between Firefox and Chrome, until I found Vivaldi. After that day, Vivaldi became my main browser. The oldest installer of Vivaldi that I have is for version, before the official 1.0 release.

  • Hmm, let's see. Four years ago I was probably switching between Chrome and Internet Explorer 11 (IE got considerably better after version 9). Between 2008 and 2011, I had used Chrome almost exclusively. But now, I use a combination of Edge, Brave (more as just an experiment), and Vivaldi. Vivaldi has a really strong feature set. But Edge (which I use almost exclusively on mobile) has some compelling desktop features too, like Set Tabs Aside, a feature rich page annotation and sharing function, and Ask Cortana which provides a floating panel of info on whatever you've highlighted. It's adoption of Chromium and Blink will make it even more interesting later this year. Vivaldi is my favorite browser on a desktop, but its lack of touchpad gesture support makes Edge a nice option on my ultrabook. Looking forward to watching the progress of Vivaldi for the next four years!

  • Regarding my 'primary' browser history:

    Opera 7
    Firebird 0.7
    Firefox 1
    Opera 8-12
    Vivaldi (the 4 years since its inception)

    Vivaldi's future looks good... it may be my last browser!

  • No change.

    I used Opera 12, and I'm still using Opera 12, because Vivaldi doesn't have RSS implemented. Sometimes I use Firefox (like now, because I was on YouTube, which no longer works on Opera), but most of my browsing is still with the big O.

    And I guess I'll be using Opera until someone - Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome - finally realizes that RSS is one of the most important things a browser should have.

    It's surprising how well O12 still works with today's internet. Yeah, sure, many things are broken, but it's not THAT bad, because there's RSS 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    After using Firefox for 5 years or so, I was happy to hear the news that Jon and Tatsuki were getting ready to bring us a fun browser to use and customize again. It was 2015, and I was in Japan.

    I fell in love with the chameleon color feature at first glance and excitedly waited for a stable version to come for my daily usage.

    I moved to Norway in early 2016, and almost right after that, Vivaldi 1.0 was launched. I even remember the moment; I was sitting in the student cafeteria at University of Oslo, doing my freelance work on my laptop. A new life, a new browser.

    A year later, I joined the team (!!)
    Now I live with Vivaldi every single day. I'm happy to see its growth as a fan user and even happier to be part of the process as a team member.


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    January 2015, and today

  • @rseiler: Same here, still Using Opera for Mail
    BTW: Any hope für mail this year?

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