Extension Popup Stays Open

  • Good morning all,
    I am thinking this is a new Chromium "thing" and I am hoping someone has some additional information, fix or workaround. I haven't had any luck in my searches.

    Prior to 2.3.1420.4 (Chromium 72.0.3626.3), if you clicked an extension from the toolbar, e.g. uBlock Origin or uMatrix (any extension really, not limited to those), its options "window" would be displayed as normal. When done, you would click anywhere else on the page to continue browsing and the extension window would disappear; however, now the window stays open until it itself is re-clicked or the address/search bar is clicked. This new behavior does not happen on previous stables or snapshots, only w/the latest Chromium sources.

    Is there any flag or setting that can be set to make it behave as before, e.g. extension window stays open until anywhere else in the browser is clicked vs. staying persistent ?

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    I think this is a bug. I've noticed it too. I haven't filed a bug yet for it though, you could do that if you are able. Https://vivaldi.com/bugreport

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    No bugreport needed, issue is fixed in internal 2.3 Snapshot. So be nice, wait until it appears in public.


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