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    Many if not most gamers are now using Discord, but it is a data hungry, bloated laggy experience.
    There are a few options for connecting to the discord networks, but the most useful and promising I have used is "Ripcord".

    Fast and very small, made with Qt5 and cross platform, it uses between 35 - 50 MB of RAM in general use (on Windows 7).

    For admin of groups it also has some handy extra features, but as it is still only alpha, lacks some of the real clients advanced features.

    For users of mobile networks or on a limited data plan, the option to minimise data use is essential.

    I cannot express how happy I am to find this. I hope it is useful to many of you.


    • Not made from a web browser
    • Tabs
    • Multiple windows
    • Multiple accounts
    • Voice chat
    • Graphical emoji (including custom emoji)
    • Tab completion for user names and emoji
    • Powerful batch editing
    • Custom bookmark lists for easily accessing only the channels you actually use
    • Customizable fonts, colors, and sizes
    • Variable DPI and multi-monitor support
    • Low CPU and memory usage
    • Zero GPU usage
    • No tracking or analytics

  • @Dr-Flay Seems interesting, but it's in alpha. And currently I'm content with running Discord in Vivaldi itself.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Yeah so do I, but to stay looged in means I have to keep open a browser that eats most of my RAM, compared to a very fast client that eats between 35-50MB.
    As I moderate a few discord, the extra features are most welcome.

    Yes it is alpha, but mainly that relates to the Slack support. Discord support could be considered Beta quality. It is stable and very functional.


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