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    Is there a way to always show the tab close button? One issue I find is that if i open an image or a video in a new tab sometimes the tab close button does not load and I am unable to close the tab until the tab has fully loaded. This can cause delays when opening lots of images and videos very quickly and wanting to close them before the tab has fully loaded. Often it appears as if the tab header has frozen and not responding to clicks for a few seconds.

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    @simonvr I can not see such behavior in 2.2 Stable on Windows 10 x64.
    The close button on tab appears very fast, even if a page has not loaded completely.
    Do you use a modification of Vivaldi UI? Or any extensions?

  • It might be the "automute" extension. All the others I do not think would affect this. I will experiment with this addon disable and update the case later on.

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    The following CSS can be used as detailed in the modding subforum to force the close button to always show:

    .tab .close {
    display: flex !important;

    I see the settings have an option to disable the close button, but there is no option to force it to always show, unfortunately.

  • Set tabs to close on double click, disable the close button and never look back. There are so many different ways to close a tab that the close button really isn't needed. Of course a matter of taste.

  • @luetage Or, just open one tab and keep reusing it. 😉

  • I have disabled the mute addon and the problem still occurs.

    For example on this URL

    It doesn't happen every time but it did happen after disabling that addon. Basically the tab freezes and I am unable to close it, even with ctrl+f4, until it starts responding again, usually within a second or few seconds. What can happen because of this freeze is that I press ctrl+f4 more than once because I did not think it was pressed then end up closing two tabs. Another thing that happens is that I hit the close button location because the hover option is not displaying the close button because the tab is frozen, then once it the tab is no longer frozen it closes the tab.

    I do have a few more addons like ublock origin and some tampermonkey scripts. I will disable the tampermonkey next and see if that solves it.


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