2.3 Snapshot: Missing toolbar in History page

  • Dunno when it started (setting change? version update?), but I just figured out this morning that the toolbar that was usually present on the History page (that was including a search field along with other buttons) is now missing:
    0_1547539584162_2019-01-15 08_53_21-History - Vivaldi.png image url)

    Consequently I can no longer search history from this page. Luckily the search field is still present in the History panel.
    Does anyone have a clue about this issue?

  • It's a known regression since last snapshot.
    Workaround: f8 or ctrl-l to focus the address bar then press esc. the missing bar should reappear and the search is focused. Now deactivate the day picker (left of the search field). Optionally select "list" instead of "month" to not display the day picker.

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    @TerDale This is a known bug in 2.3 Snapshot.

    In History page select address field, hit Esc and the history period buttons will be back.

  • Thanks @iAN-CooG & @Gwen-Dragon! Lightning fast replies! 😉


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