• hey guys, i've been a looooong opera user, and a few months ago i've seen that you old folks (not old by age, by developing opera :D) have left and started this browser. now i've finally downloaded it today (because my opera broke for some unknown reason (opera next 30.0)) and i've tried this browser. it's okay. i like it, and i hope it gets even better by the time. now i'd like to drop some of my suggestions here if you could incorporate into browser: 1. extensions support needs to be released... FAAAAST (i can't live without magic actions for youtube and adblocker) 2. images / bigger font on folders in speed dial. 3. add option to leave 1pixel empty space when going maximized (some of us have auto hide taskbar on upper side and when i go with my mouse there i expect my taskbar to open, but that doesn't happen because there's that 1pix missing :)) 4. right click context menu on some links definitely needs "open in background tab" ! one of the best features to have 5. possibility to remove these animations when opening and closing tabs, and selecting X button to close. also reduce time to show X to 0 or let us choose how much time we want. (or make it visible all the time) 6. load page while loading - while page is loading show the content that is loaded. it's really a lee-la experience when i have to wait for whole page to load and then it draws in for me (pops up), i want content to be loaded as data is received... that feature is also one of the best i would like to see in your browser. and i think that's about it. love the bookmarks, notes, can't wait for the mail client, just superb, if you can fix these 6 simple things it would be the bestest browser ever i think 🙂 edit: sorry if i put it in the wrong section on forum, it's my first time here.

  • maybe a darker color of orange too.


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