Feedback (was: where the heck is history?)

  • Well I finally decided I've had enough of Chrome and the stupid decisions Google makes, so I did a great deal of research and narrowed my options down to your app and Opera. So here's a little feedback.

    How does a user access their history if they happen to <gasp> not like the UI element you folks call "Panel"? It might seem obvious, but I find the UI to be lacking. View->History Panel does NOTHING, if you've shut the thing off. I find it totally useless. But no View -> History, as in, SHOW ME my history - forget the damn panel thing. No...... that's on the Tools menu. There's an option in Settings to turn the panel off. Wait, no there's not! That's on the View menu! Where you can turn the "Panel" off but NOT see history! (Perhaps "sidebar would make more sense folks?") Open a link in a new tab, and that's where you go. No option that I've seen to disable THAT, for crazies like me who open several links in other tabs from a page (while doing research) before actually wanting to go to look at them.

    And one of the features all the reviews tout is that Vivaldi's UI is so customizable. Granted compared to Chrome, yes. I admit I could be missing something as I haven't looked too far into building my own theme yet (tho I will), but I found 4 colors I could set and wow, change one color and it affects a LOT of actual UI elements. Not so sure that's a great idea. I saw the ability to add/edit themes, but again exactly 4 colors I could set. I did find a post somewhere for someone who found out where some .css files were and they could hack around a little. Not acceptable folks. I have no problem writing css for apps like Atom, Eclipse, and Komodo. But I'm not going to hack around so that the next update whacks my work all to hell! So honestly, I wasn't really able to create the look I've wanted. Which quite honestly is not all that drastic and if your dev team would like to communicate about UI issues I'd be happy to part the (very) few tidbits I've learned in 34yrs as an engineer (back when we had green-on-black and 80x24 chars lol).

    SO, I think you've got a great app, WAY less resource hoggy than that pig Chrome (which is funny considering the common core), and some NICE new features. Great potential. But the UI needs work.

    PS: I started this post just to find the damn history! Then I managed to find it on Tools so I figured I would share some general feedback. I mean that as a compliment - if I didn't think your app was worth it I wouldn't waste my time writing the post at all!

    -David Invenio

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    @DavidInvenio It is also accessible from the Speed Dial, Start Page, whenever you open a new tab.

    0_1547448972756_History on Speed Dial Page.png

    If I ever need it, I use a shortcut. Ctrl+H is the default.

    I also don't find the History Panel useful, so I turn it off.

    The behaviour of the View menu is a bit odd if any panels are disabled. I think the entire menu UI is bugged — missing access keys on some menu, check marks that don't work etc. It's all known bugs, but not a high priority. Too much to do, and only a small team (just 15 are devs) to do it.

    Opening Tabs in the Background is one of the FAQ

    • Right-click, Open in New Background Tab
    • Ctrl+click
    • Middle-click
    • Mouse Gesture, Open Link in Background Tab (Over a Link)

    Vote for Option to Open New Tab in Background as Default

    Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

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