Editing Bookmark URLs

  • I recently clicked on an existing bookmark, and was taken to a site saying I needed to change the destination URL. So I copied the new URL into my clipboard, and have been trying multiple ways to simply paste this new URL into an existing bookmark (from the Bookmark Bar, Bookmark Panel, Manage Bookmarks Screen), yet I can't seem to figure out how do to it. If I right-click from any of the above locations, the bookmark just opens (just like a left-click).

    Is direct editing of an existing URL still not an option, or am I doing something wrong?

    While I would prefer that this editing would be available from multiple locations, being able to edit it from at least ONE location would be appreciated.

  • @Mozilla I forked your post and moved it to a new topic to avoid disrupting the feature request thread.

    • To edit any existing bookmark in the Bookmarks Panel, use the pane at the bottom. (There is a large side panel in the Bookmarks Tab for the same purpose).

    0_1547419617868_Bookmark Pane in Bookmark Panel.png

    • If you go the bookmarked page, you can edit it from the Add Bookmark Dialogue.

    0_1547419626511_Add Bookmark Dialogue.png

  • @Pesala I understand the reason for the move (I just didn't want to create a totally new thread in case this had been covered multiple times before - and I wasn't even sure the option existed).

    Thanks for the info (and the screenshots!). It's still a bit kludgy (especially having to scroll all the way to the bottom of what can be a very long list of bookmarks), but at least it's functional!



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