Option to Remove Bookmark Count

    1. Possibility to remove bookmarks count number


    2. Possibility to open folder with one click

    1. Move plus button to the top like in Edge



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    @timeissand I moved your thread to the Feature Requests forum and renamed the thread.

    1. Option to remove bookmarks count is a valid feature request
    2. Single-click to open bookmark folders is already available: click on the right-point triangle. It would be better to remove the triangles and use only the open/closed folder icons.
    3. Please make a new thread for this. (Only one feature request per thread please).

  • @timeissand You can do both simply with these pieces of code (how to use them):

    .tabs-top .newtab, .tabs-bottom .newtab { top: 0 !important; }
    .panel.panel-bookmarks .vivaldi-tree .tree-row.folder .item-count { display: none; }

    Edit: fixed for side tab bar (then it doesn't move)

  • @potmeklecbohdan


    plus button css is ok,
    and boomarks count removing is ok also.


  • @Pesala


    Sorry, i do not see the solution to remove triangles and make one click opening by folder pressing at link that you include.

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    @timeissand One click on the Right-pointing triangle will open (expand) the folder to show the bookmarks that it contains. The icon will change to a down-pointing triangle. At the same time, the closed folder icon will change to an open folder icon. Single-click on the folder icons does nothing, but double-click does open and close the folder, so why do we need the triangle icons? Just change the behaviour to single-click to open and close the folders by clicking on the folder icons.

    If you mean "Open all of the bookmarks in a folder," that can only be done with right-click open. Single-click to open a folder full of bookmarks would be dangerous as one also needs to select folders for drag and drop, delete, etc.

  • @Pesala said in Option to Remove Bookmark Count:


    I understand that triangle is one click opening, and folder is double click opening. How i can change the behaviour to one click opening by folder and text clicking? Not by trinagle.

  • @timeissand You can't, that would be a new feature. Just be aware that selecting multiple folders would be clumsy when they open on select. I think a workable solution would be to make a switch for it in the bookmarks UI, but that might be too complicated on the other hand. It's not that easy. The one click opening on triangle was probably the best solution under these circumstances. But there's no one stopping you from requesting it.


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