Voice commands are not working in the browser

  • Use voice actions data for Chrome as well as Chrome voice assist works on Brave browser as well as on Chrome browser.

    Since this is a chrome-based browser I have no idea why they're not working on this browser, but all my other Chrome extensions are

    If this was fixed, I would probably switch over to this browser completely for my Chrome-base browser.

    I use Firefox / Water Fox, looking into Pale Moon browser. If I can boil it back down to just two again and be great.

    I use one set of browsers privacy enhanced features special things that Google likes to block you to do it she'll also happen here on Valatie YouTube downloader anybody just as an example then I have those browsers so those kind of things more functions more privacy Firefox Mozilla based is an a chrome browsers for public browsing and other features another different sites that don't work so well on the other browsers is Wallace some extensions that are awesome not available on Firefox.

    Mod Edit: Edited for clarity.

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    @BournreRoot No, voice does not work yet. An old issue, but still work in progress.


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