Technologies used to build Vivaldi

  • Hello ! I was wondering what exactly Vivaldi used to run on top of Node.js, and other stuff i'm curious about. I hope it's not 'top secret', cause i've got questions ! I'm a node fan. I looked at the credits (vivaldi://credits) and i found pretty interesting stuff (i'm currently trying to build desktop apps for my company, so i'm really interested in that stuff) On you say that you built Vivaldi's UI with React, but i can see Polymer as well. Where did you used it ? I also can't find what you used to build the window of Vivaldi - Nw.js (node-webkit), electron (atom shell) are the most common, but i can't find them. I see browserify too, but since Vivaldi's using node, i can't really see why. And last question, what did you used to package vivaldi into .exe, .dmg, rpm and deb ? I really hope you'll answer some question ! And Keep up the good work, Vivaldi's so cool !


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