Startup with last session doesn't work

  • Hey, I'd just like to know if I've overlooked something in the settings or if it still just doesn't work.
    When I either right-click vivaldi at the task bar and close all windows or just restart the PC and open up vivaldi again there only ever is one window from the last session. I've seen that that is a problem when I scoured the forums for a solution and people say, just manually save and restore your sessions. But all these threads are +8 months old and It could've been fixed by now.

    I would appreciate a response and would like for this to be fixed eventually since I rather like the customization of the browser and certain features like Hibernation and Tab stacking but if It can't restore my previous session where I left off without having to manually save and restore it I'll probably just go back to another browser and check back here in half a year or so to see if it's fixed.

    Be well.

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    My Vivaldi always remembers my session when I open it up again, even if I have multiple windows. I typically close Vivaldi by clicking the X in the top right corner (if I only have one window) or using Vivaldi menu -> File -> Exit (if I have multiple windows). It also works if I just shut down or reboot my PC without closing the windows first.

    I assume you have tried to play around with the settings. But have you tried to refresh your profile?

    (I have had Vivaldi forget my session a couple of times. Pretty sure this has been due to bugs, though (especially since I'm in the snapshot channel), and it's been a long time since it last happened.)

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    @Smoof If you exit by clicking the close buttons, only the last window closed will be reloaded on startup. Other windows and tabs can be recovered from the Trash Can on the Window Title Bar.

    Use File, Exit to close down Vivaldi.

    Like Komposten, I don't lose my last session, and usually have two windows open, one on each monitor. There again, I don't open a bucket load of tabs, and almost never experience crashes.

  • Thanks for the answers, I just tested it and It restores all windows when I go and use the file exit method. EDIT"I don't know about restarting the PC but that isn't to big of an issue anyways. Restarting the PC also restores the session completely."

    Be well.


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