2.2.1388.37 How to switch back to old-style F12-inspect elements function?

  • Before the update, whenever I encounter some annoying stuff on a site, I could simply right click on it & inspect. The F12 interface was simple with line codes for everything loaded on page. As I hovered the mouse over the appropriate code for the offending content, it would be highlighted & I could just select it & press Del; it will instantly be removed from sight. Life was so good.

    Forward to the new browser. Whenever I inspect something now, I'm bewildered by a Firefox-styled matrix of programmatic words & buttons. They're so many I don't even know where to look at! Sometimes I think I hover on the correct culprit because the real stuff is highlighted, but when I press Del only the code is erased, not the on-site content. It's pretty frustrating.

    So my questions are:

    1. How do easily and accurately delete the unwanted contents quickly with the new version?
    2. If that's not practical, then how to switch back to the good old F12 field?
      Thank you.

  • Try clicking on "Elements" inside the interface:

  • @Pathduck Oh yes that's right, the Element tab is actually the old interface. Thank you!


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