PDF Rendering Hangs in Vivaldi 2.x for Linux

  • I have been running Vivaldi 2.x, up to the most recent snapshots, under OpenSuSE Linux 42.3 and 15 for x86_64.

    When I try to render a dynamic web page as PDF to save to a file, the print previewer hangs with "Loading Preview..." If I limit the pages to PDF print to 1, the previewer will show the first web page, but if I increase the page count to more than one, the preview hangs again.

    I tried switching to the System Printing option and using Print to File, and cups-pdf, but neither result in output, leading to me suspect the problem is in the web page to PDF rendering, not in the printing system.

    This problem occurs mostly on pages with dynamically generated content. Static content previews to the end of the web page. The problem did not exist on Vivaldi 1.5 for Linux, or in Google Chrome.

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    @felixkalpa Happens on which page where you want to see a print preview?

    Do i understand it correct, you want to save the print-previewed page as PDF or do you use a special printer as a PDF writer?

  • @Gwen-Dragon - I have tried both, saving the Print Preview pages as PDF, and when that hangs, switching to a special printer like cups-pdf to save as PDF. Neither work when there are multiple pages with dynamic content on most sites, though some sites with dynamic content do preview to completion and print to PDF.

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    @felixkalpa It is a known ugly bug, on some pages Vivaldi has issues to generate a preview on Linux and other OS.


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