Problem loading Youtube-pages

  • Hi!
    I experience problems loading Youtube-pages. This happens both on at work on my OpenSuse LEAP 15 and at home with OpenSuse Tubleweed.
    I use latest version of Vivaldi: 2.2.1388.37

    Sometimes it works fine and suddenly start to get problems. I only see this problem on Youtube. Restart of browser does not fix it. Mostly i have to restart the whole PC.

    Anyone that experience same problem?

  • Moderator

    Is something missing on the pages? Or what happens for you?

  • Yes! It's like half of the page is missing. Sometimes i manage to load Youtube startpage by clicking Reload. This is a behavior i never seen before.

  • Moderator

    Do you have the latest graphics driver and Linux kernel?
    Do you use any extensions?

    Perhaps your GPU has trouble with Hardware Acceleration.
    Post text content of Graphics Feature Status at vivaldi://gpu here

    May be this may fix it:

    • Disable/enable Hardware Acceleration on vivaldi://settings/webpages
    • Enable the Ignore GPU blacklist on vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist


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