Why are there different settings menus?

  • If I enter settings, I usually (but not always) get one menu (the same one I get in Tools / Settings).

    But there is another menu that is more difficult to reach (only reliably reachable through "Site Settings") that (clicking on the menu bar on the left) can go to the following: People, Appearance, Search Engine, Default Browser, On Startup, (and under Advanced Settings) Privacy and Security, Languages, Downloads, Printing, Accessibility, System, and Reset Settings. Some of these have different choices available than in the "regular" settings menu.

    Can anyone explain why there are what appear to be two completely different settings subsystems?

  • @0001 One are the chromium settings, the other are the Vivaldi settings. Preferences haven't been combined yet. Generally you should set everything in Vivaldi settings and what you can't set there (exceptions for cookies and the like), you have to do in chrome://settings.

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    @0001 The ones revealed by the hamburger menu to the left of the word "Settings" in the site settings window belong to Chromium and may or may not actually be compatible with Vivaldi.

  • Are there plans to combine them it some point in the future?

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    @0001 More accurately, there are plans to replace all essential settings that can only be accessed directly at the Chromium level, with ones written by and for Vivaldi. Where this is not possible, the Chromium settings will get a Vivaldi UI and/or be folded into an existing Vivaldi settings interface. This task is huge and slow-going, but we see bits of it in each new version.

  • @Ayespy We don't. We've been asking for Vivaldi only settings for about 3 years now. And there aren't improvements or approximations to this end goal in every released version. The progress is more like a grinding halt to tell the truth. I understand the task is big, but we shouldn't try to sugarcoat this. It will happen when it will happen – and it might take 1 or another 3 years, but talking about continuous progress is promising too much.

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    @luetage I'm saying what the plans are. The progress is incremental and painfully slow, but one recent example is the visibility of passwords. Next will come the ability to search them in the Vivaldi settings interface. Things like the stepwise improvement of devtools is part of this same effort. It's like watching grass grow, but it's there.

  • @Ayespy It's a bad comparison. Grass grows very fast, leave it untouched for a summer and you can't mow it anymore. We are talking years and years here. And yeah, of course the password visibility was enabled just now, but that's a coincidence, in the preceding releases nothing happened.

    Anyway, I just wanted to make clear that we can't expect this to finish in any meaningful amount of time. Quasi corporate talk doesn't get us anywhere. We as users should stay honest, real. Words like "soon" and expressions like "continuous progress" aren't helpful at all and just disappoint people in the long run. And we are in a long run here…

  • The whole thing just seems bizarre and inconsistent (which has to hurt the user experience). Even for things like bookmarks, there are two completely separate pages. UGH!

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    @luetage I don't think Ayespy was exaggerating.

    If you look at the Features Added on my review page, and the History of Releases you will see that new options have been added to settings with most releases, which occur about every two months. Snapshot releases are more frequent.

    There are some thirty Feature Requests tagged as In Progress, which we might see this year. If they achieve that, it would be five features every two months.

  • @luetage said in Why are there different settings menus?:

    @Ayespy It's a bad comparison... >
    ...And we are in a long run here…

    I have no technical nor "surrounding" capacity to see if you have or not reason about what is happening or will happen, in Viv's core.

    But, as way of expose and how to expose, your note is the highest.

    I only do not concede upvote, because the "opponent" is @Ayespy and is hard I give upvote to those who are in contrary way to his arguments. Be they correct or wrong.

    Within "my" English, it is what I have to say. I am not going pretend to be dispassionate, because this, in fact, I am not. In the maximum, a sincere one.

  • @Ayespy said in Why are there different settings menus?:

    @0001 The ones revealed by the hamburger menu to the left of the word "Settings" in the site settings window belong to Chromium and may or may not actually be compatible with Vivaldi.

    Good to know!


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