When closing tabs, allow option to keep width of tabs the same until you mouse out of the tab bar

  • This is similar to the Firefox method of closing tabs. Sometimes, I want to close multiple tabs in a row, and it's easy in Firefox to just click middle click, say, 3 times, because you know exactly which tabs you can close without even moving your mouse. In Vivaldi (and other browsers), each of the tabs resize themselves when a tab is closed immediately, so if I have 10 numbered tabs and I middle click tab 3, instead of tab 4 coming in to take its place, tab 2 gets resized and biggens itself and potentially moves into where tab 3 used to be, making closing groups of tabs harder, even if you know exactly the tabs you want to close before closing the first. Using the close tab button on a tab can also have this issue. In Firefox, resizing of tabs doesn't happen until either you create a new tab or your mouse exits the tab bar entirely. While I can imagine this is annoying for some, it's nice for me, which is why it would be nice to have this quality of life option. Thanks!

  • @uglook This option is already there for quite a long time, to activate it go to :
    Settings --> Tabs --> in the section "Tab Handling" --> tick the box for "Align Next Close Button"


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