Issues with Streaming

  • I have Vivaldi on a new machine with fresh install of windows 10 1809, the issue i am having is that I cant stream from netflix or hulu, I can steam for VRV. I have checked that Widevine and all components are up to date. I have narrowed it down to my anti-virus I use Bitdefender Free. If I go to binge watch a series, I disable Bitdefener, start the episode then re-enable Bitdefender, at this point i can watch every episode without any issues, till i switch shows or close the browser. I reported this issue to Bitdefender support first as I believe the issue maybe on there end and their reply
    "Thanks for helping us out! We really want you to enjoy our products. In order to get to a better version of Bitdefender Antivirus Free, we need honest feedback from real life users, just like you. By letting us know what went good or what is there to improve you help us get better. You did your part. We’ll pick it up from here. Stay safe! The Bitdefender Team "
    So I am posting here to try to figure out if there is a way around having to disable my AV before streaming.

  • @CryptisMidnight In fact what you did already was the correct way that you don't have to disable bitdefender in the future, as the blocking is coming from their site the Vivaldi devs can't do much about it so the only way is to let bitdefender developers know about the problem - the more people do this the more likely it is that they'll test their new versions against vivaldi before releasing it.

    So a big thanks to you for contributing

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