Purge specific domain URL from History manager

  • As of now, the quickest way to do so is via History manager > Filter by domain > pick a Month > Select all > Delete > pick another month, repeat last 3 steps until all matched URL are purged.

    My suggestions are:

    1. Add a similar command to Filter by domain in context menu for History manager. It will allow user to delete all URL with exact specified domain.

      example: Select an entry with www.google.com > Purge "www.google.com" to purge all URL with www.google.com domain; excluded mail.google.com, translate.google.com, news.google.com & ...etc.

    2. Add a Delete All Matched Result button in history manager toolbar. This should be useful when combine with Filter by domain command.

    IMHO there should be 1 or 2 click solution to make this an easy task. Thanks for your time.

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    Why pick a month? Why not filter over the full history > select all > delete?

  • @pauloaguia Thanks for the suggestion.

    I tried that before with History manager, unfortunately it not only deleted all matched entries, but also every single day's history with matched entries. I lost a ton of history from that time, it just so unexpected & feel so wrong. 😡

    I think that's possibly a bug, because when i try it on the History panel, it only deleted the matched entries.

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    It might have been fixed in the meantime. I tried it in the History manager that you can get to from Vivaldi's menu and couldn't replicate what you described - it seems to have only deleted the filtered entries.
    Or I'm not understanding properly the steps you're taking to encounter it...

  • @pauloaguia What OS you have tested?
    I'm on Win 8.1 with latest stable Vivaldi.
    Just tested again & can confirmed I lost a day of history when select all & delete matched result with LIST view in History manager.

    Thanks for your time & support.

  • Let me illustrate this with pics, with sort by LIST:

    if Filter by store.steampowered.com > Select all > Delete, Vivaldi will delete every DAY's history with matched entry:

    To delete ONLY the matched result/entries, one must deselect all DAY entry after Select all command, before execute Delete:

    IMHO compare this to sort by Month method, it's actually much more troublesome & more likely to delete full DAY of history by mistake. I'm not sure if this is by design behavior or a bug, & what's the advantage of such behavior in practical usage as a "feature".

    I hope Vivaldi dev will revise & improve this behavior if they read this post.

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