Cloud sync upload (not download) fails on work PC

  • Cloud sync works fine on my home PCs but fails to upload data (download is fine) on my Windows 7 work PC which connects via wifi.
    I checked Windows Firewall suspecting upload traffic was being blockedd, but the vivaldi.exe entries seemed to be allowed.
    Our company also security software installed on each PC, but it runs silently in the background and I'm not sure there is a front end that I can change settings.Any thoughts?

  • Moderator

    Looks like your company's firewall in LAN blocks some incoming/outgoing ports.
    Ask you LAN admin.

  • It was Windows Firewall after all. I added the two ports Vivaldi uses to upload sync data (one is 443, other is searchable) as allowed ports as a new rule in outbound traffic and all is working well. Thanks for the response.


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