Breaking changes of F8 key behaviour in 2.x builds - bug or feature?

  • There is a huge difference in F8 key behaviour in 2.x line.


    • set focus at address field
    • change / replace current URL with some trash
    • click on website body
    • press F8

    In 1.x line these steps caused moving focus to address field and selecting whole content.
    In 2.x line these steps cause moving focus to address field... with placing a cursor at the end.

    Question to Sopranos / V-devs:
    Is this intended? If yes - why?
    Or is it just a bug/regression?
    If not - would it be possible to add option to restore old behaviour?

  • Moderator

    A regression bug.
    VB-46441 "Focus address field (Ctrl+L , F8) doesn't select all text when focus was already in address field"

  • @Gwen-Dragon Oh...
    Thanks for info! 🙂


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