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  • Is there a limit to the number of bookmarks?

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    The only limit is your imagination (and the size of your hard drive).

  • @ineuw Let us know when you reach it.

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    It's probably worth noting: I have a very large history file (getting close to 75MB), and I notice some issues with vivaldi when it tries to load it in full.

    But to reach that you would need on the order of 10s or 100s of thousands of bookmarks, so it's probably not something you will need to worry about.

  • @Pesala, @LonM Thanks for the reassurance. Phew, what a relief. I only have 2,873 so the question needed to be asked.

  • Bookmark Limit in Vivaldi:
    I just imported my Firefox bookmarks and...
    with them in the 'Imported from Firefox' folder, they would not expand when the folder was clicked on in the Bookmarks Bar. Just hung Vivaldi.
    Once I moved the 12 sub-folders out of the 'import' folder to the 'root' of Vivaldi Bookmarks, No further problems. Vivaldi is ever so slightly slower, until the imported folder was read once, but not as slow as firefox had become.

    So, the limit?
    As best I can tell by opening firefox/places.sqlite 'db' in in SQLite Database Browser and querying 'bookmarks', it looks like I have 62,618 individual bookmarks (from firefox. I did not count the few I had already added to Vivaldi nor those 'pre-installed' by vivaldi.
    and, that's what I know right now.

    Vivaldi is still quicker than the failing Firefox. Sad. I've been using firefox since the absolute beginning. : (

    p.s. My 'Bookmarks' extend back to mid-2009 when, at the time I was still using Windows and gave myself a virus whipping them out.
    So, they're from mid-2009 to today, carried on from one Linux System upgrade to the next. I'm not on Vivaldi 100%, yet. : )

    p.p.s, It appears that Vivaldi imported the 'favicons' as well.
    That means, it's even more impressive than I first thought. That's a lot of overhead, storing and displaying the icons in the menus. : )
    thumb of screenshot, Vivaldi bookmarks menu

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    @LandisTwo impressive. According to this extension, i have 29k

  • @LandisTwo I am sure many of your older bookmark links have long gone to eternal rest in section 404 of the internet cemetery. Before importing them to Vivaldi, I used Sören Henschel's "Bookmarks Organizer" to test for invalid and then for duplicate url's. The process eliminated 200+ bookmarks. Also, before Vivaldi added the direct Firefox import, I had success by importing them in html format.

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