Incognito modus fails to start

  • When using my shortlink that start Vivaldi in the ingognito modus the browser starts but immediatly closes when the empty startpage is loaded. When starting Vivaldi in the 'normal' modus all functions well

  • @NoAidee
    You need to give a bit more information otherwise it will be just a guessing game

    1.) What windows do you use?
    2.) What Vivaldi Version do you use? (you can look this up in the first line at vivaldi://about)
    3.) How did you created that shortlink
    4.) Did you change any startup parameters for that link- if yes which

  • @zaibon

    1 > Win7 Pro 64bit
    2> 2.3.1420.4 (Officiële build) (64-bits)
    3> G:\Vivaldi\x64\Application\vivaldi.exe /incognito /disk-cache-dir="H:\Temp\WPDNSE\VivaldiTemp"
    4> if I skip the incognito part all works well 🙂

  • Moderator

    @NoAidee It should work if you merely add the argument/switch to your desktop shortcut, " --incognito" (without the quotation marks).


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