Option to Bookmark the Page Automatically

  • Currently, if you click the bookmark button on Vivaldi, a box appears where you can edit everything about the bookmark then save.

    In chrome, you click the bookmark button and it saves it automatically to your last saved place, then you can edit the bookmark in the same pop up, hitting cancel will delete the created bookmark, and changing the name/location will re-save the bookmark, this lets you quickly save a bookmark with only 1 click if you don't need to change anything.

    I have lost multiple pages that I intended to bookmark due to having to manually hit save every time after the box appears due to switching from Chrome. It would probably be best to make this an option to have rather than a static change, because I'm sure some, if not most people, like the current way.

  • Moderator

    @XepherXV It would drive me nuts to have an automatic save rather than a choice where to save the bookmark. I am an avid bookmark user, but I don't collect multiples in a day or even in a week.

    I use the same bookmarks over and over all day for work, and may add or delete one a month.

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    @XepherXV There is a solution to both problems.

    Use the Bookmarks Bar. Open any folder on your Bookmarks Bar, and select "Add Active Tab." This bookmarks the page in the selected folder without any further action required.

    Sorting or editing of Bookmarks can be done later in the Bookmarks Panel.


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