First snapshot of 2019 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1420.4

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    @ruario said:

    We are back to work on your favorite browser. So let’s start the year with a few nice fixes and a major Chromium bump.


    • [Regression] Pinned tab expands when closing background tab (VB-47104)
    • [Regression] URL field selection is collapsed in some cases (VB-47428)
    • [Regression] Wrong tab favicons in window panel (VB-47385)
    • [Regression][Linux] After switching windows to another application, any click returns Vivaldi to the foreground (VB-47254)
    • [Mac] Swipe between pages with three fingers not working when using native window (VB-44729)
    • [Developer Tools] Opening links from inspector opens them twice (VB-11330)
    • [Developer Tools] Saving an image doesn’t work (VB-47836)
    • [Extensions] Evernote extension will not accept keystrokes (VB-42683)
    • [Page Interaction] Focus page upon pressing Homepage button (VB-36693)
    • [Page Interaction] Reader settings visible on all tiled pages (VB-47161)
    • [Passwords] Passwords should be visible in Settings (VB-14045)
    • [Quick Commands] Highlight search instead of note after paste (VB-47641)
    • [Settings] Add option to keep last selected search engine (VB-45455)
    • [Tabs] Tabs dragged out of stack to another rejoins first stack (VB-45713)
    • [UI] No close window warning if browser is closed by other means (VB-47549)
    • Upgraded Chromium to 72.0.3626.3


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