Just lost all my tabs by clicking reopen closed tab!

  • I have no idea what just happened, but I was working on a few things and closed a tab... no big deal, just clicked reopen closed tab. Then instead of just adding it back all my tabs vanished and I was left with just the one tab. I checked the trash can and history and there's nothing showing them. What just happened and how to I fix it?

    I was all in on this browser until this happened, but if it's going to have issues like this and there's no way to bring back past tab sessions like Chrome has then I'm going back. Not worth the risk of losing it all every time I open something.

  • Community Manager

    @n8solberg sorry for the trouble and thank you for reaching out about this. Please help us fix this issue by reporting it to our dev team here: vivaldi.com/bugreport

    While we fix it, two things you can do to retrieve your tabs in the meantime:

    1. Regularly save your session
    2. Retrieve your closed tabs by visiting your history: vivaldi://history/

    I hope this helps, let me know otherwise and thank you for using Vivaldi.


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