New option: domain-based default save locations

  • On download of a file, there is an option to Save to a default directory for all files. This tends to lead to a cluttered Downloads folder, or one needs to make liberal use of the "Save As..." button in the pop-up.

    If the option existed to have a different default download location for different domains, such as any files downloaded from my job's task ticket platform, or from instagram, or github, or really any host domain ... well, for me that would be a killer feature.

    Alternative or related option would be to set a default "tag" on OSes that support file tag metadata, which would also be useful.

  • Moderator

    @qbsd Please vote for the existing feature request.

    Remember Path for Downloads by Domain

    If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "Domain" to any other term.


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