Double-click title bar to resize to fit screen

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    @luetage This glitch has been fixed for me on El Capitan in internal builds. Depending on when the Snapshot got built, the fix should also have appeared either in 1401.7 (Dec. 18 ) or the 1420.4 (Jan. 8 ) Snapshot. This was a weird bug that only affected some versions of macOS so the fix targeted specific versions of macOS. I'll retest with 1435.4.

    (Edit: ...and I can confirm that I have round window corners and that double-clicking on the tab/title bar works with 1435.4 on El Capitan.)

    I have the exact same issues as before on 1435.4 High Sierra, nothing changed. Additionally I want to mention that I was on 2.3 on El Capitan just some time ago and I experienced the issues there too. Therefore I don't understand how El Capitan is supposedly working. I also want to add I tried this with a clean (new) profile on both systems.

    I already submitted a bugreport some time ago for High Sierra: VB-48160.

    Thanks. Sorry, I missed that bug report. Unfortunately, the QA team tested on High Sierra Mojave and closed the bug with a "Cannot Reproduce" status. I'll escalate and ask them to investigate further, and to take another look at the fix that was implemented.

  • @xyzzy I do wonder what's different on my setup, or different in general on various macOS versions. I mean the UI should be exactly the same, why would an area not be draggable anymore or wouldn't recognise double clicks. I also can't explain the corner rounding. It's a complete mystery to me considering it's built upon web technologies. It's just html and css in case of the rounded off corners for the browser window.

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    @luetage I'm not a web developer and don't know React but the resulting JavaScript for the UI is pretty complex... and this glitch looks like a problem with how the various layers are composited and rendered by Chromium on the underlying hardware.

  • @xyzzy Yeah, I tried fixing the issues myself yesterday, but turns that's not easily possible. Corner rounding can be set with border radius, but the grey background stays square and isn't part of the html, while all layers above it work. Making the window draggable again on the panel is easy – #panels-container {-webkit-app-region: drag;}. For double click and right click in the UI I don't have a solution either. Oh well, the panel thing was annoying me the most anyway.

  • @xyzzy Perhaps I should mention that I have the same issue as @luetage regarding window draggable on the panel on Sierra. In fairness, that's not a dealbreaker and there's an easy fix thanks to luetage.

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    Yep, looks like we are slipping on mac at the moment. We will look into the issues raised. Thanks for the reports

  • I think the fix I implemented for making the window draggable on panel makes massive problems on latest snapshot. Suddenly clicks don't work anymore in webpanels and instead the window is being dragged on second click. I therefore changed panelscontainer to #switch. Just a warning to anyone who has applied it… sorry : P

  • @luetage Until now, I've not noticed any problem (maybe a difference between Sierra and High Sierra?). Of course, I bookmark your post, just in case…

  • This double click seems to be working on Mojave with Vivaldi 2.3.1440.41

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    Thanks, everybody. FYI, the issues on High Sierra with the square window corners and double-clicks on the title bar not working just got fixed internally and is currently being tested.

    @luetage Re: the window not being draggable from the panel, I checked with the devs and learned that this was actually an intentional change, not a bug. (I'm not 100% sure why but I think the rationale was to make the behaviour consistent with Windows and Linux.)

  • That's too bad then. Because if we look at a browser window, where do you really drag it? The address bar is full of buttons so you can't drag. The tab bar is potentially full of tabs… Of course you can drag by clicking over the tabs or between over or under the window buttons, but that's all rather hard to hit. So yeah, I exclusively drag on the panel. I even made myself a little space with a Vivaldi icon above the bookmarks panel button just for dragging (left upper side is most natural).

    If I still can have this behaviour with a custom modification I'm not too worried about it personally, but I do question the decision for the sake of all other macos users. Additionally: devs should make it draggable for windows and linux users too, then they can have their consistency across all platforms.

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    @luetage Those are all good points. I don't think that the devs realized that people were using the Panel strip as a drag point. I'll try to find out if there were any technical reasons for making their change, and whether or not it might be possible to bring this feature back. (BTW, on macOS, you can also drag windows by the status bar if you have it enabled.)

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    @luetage Sorry about this... I got confirmation from one of the devs that dragging by the Panel was disabled for technical reasons. However, I'm glad to hear that the fix to VB-48160 worked for you.

  • @xyzzy Can't be helped. I can only say that setting #switch to draggable works out just fine and I haven't seen a downside to it up to now. The only thing not working is right click on empty panel/tabbar area for context menu at the moment. No idea if that's intentional too.

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    @luetage The right-click works with "dragging by Panel" disabled... and apparently that was (at least part of) the reason for the change/fix. (I'm guessing that they had to make this "either/or" choice as a result of some other internal changes.)

    Like I said... I passed on that a number of Mac users used the Panel as a drag point and were disappointed that this got "broken".

  • @xyzzy So this, then, was the kernel of the brute!

  • Same issue/question as

    Since the issue still exists in 2020, I think it's worth mentioning that you can use and then press option+command+f.
    This is a good workaround at the moment for me at least at.

  • @mathiasconradt Thanks for this! I just noticed this issue too and found this thread. as a new convert to Vivaldi. Grabbed Spectacle for the workaround and it will do for now. Looking forward to this getting fixed up. PS: Love the dev engagement on this browser. I'm hooked and telling everyone about Vivalid!

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