First snapshot of 2019 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1420.4

  • One more bug, for Imgur:

    • trying to drag and drop an image from the desktop doesn't work at all. In Edge, it works properly.

  • @t0yz Here works (w10 x64).
    Tried with extensions off or in private window? (ctrl+shift+N)

  • @Hadden89 It works now for some reason, after I force updated my extensions. Maybe it was a bug with uBlock/HTTPS Everywhere, as those are basically the only things that interfere with browsing that I use.

  • chrome://discards close the browser o.o
    Not a big issue, but is strange.

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    @Hadden89 Can confirm this.
    Already reported as bug VB-47577 "chrome://discards crash"

  • @Hadden89 said in First snapshot of 2019 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1420.4:

    chrome://discards close the browser o.o
    Not a big issue, but is strange.

    well, whatever crashes Vivaldi it's actually a big issue in my book 🙂
    a reports\*.dmp gets created so it's really a crash.

  • In the start page settings can you add "lock tiles" to stabilize the folders & files in speed dial?

  • One more (potential) bug:

    • if in Standalone install mode, the Native notifications don't seem to work anymore, at least not for Youtube. I am getting normal Chrome notifications instead of Action Center notifications (RS5/1809), even after manually enabling the Native Notifications flag together with New style notification flag. It used to work when Vivaldi was normally installed on C:

    Edit: alright, the Vivaldi app is no longer in the Notification Senders in System>Notifications&Actions. Now, how do I add the standalone app/executable to that list...

  • @t0yz "anymore"? I was pretty sure Windows' notifications do not work for programs that are not installed (entries written in the registry), like standalone versions.

  • @npro First time trying it as standalone. I am trying to get it off the SSD, as most of the writes on it are from video streams. Trying to use different cache or profile locations have disadvantages, as in when I click links in other apps such as Mail/Twitter, they don't respect the arguments added in the properties page for the executable. So standalone was worth a try, but it seems it comes with this disadvantage as well.

    If we had a setting for the Profile/Cache like in Presto Opera, none of this would be an issue.

    Anyway, I am not averse to modifying the registry. I just need to know which keys I should modify or add exactly, and where.

    Anyone knows? Thanks.

    Also, may we have a Search field for the Passwords in the Settings like in Chrome://settings/passwords, since we don't need to use that anymore? Thanks.

  • @t0yz I don't have time to test it right now but you could try creating soft links to those cache/profile locations (in the case of the default installation), then those programs wouldn't notice any difference and the data would be on other drives. But this is not a bug but rather another topic for the forums, so you can check for info there as well.

  • @npro Gonna gave that a shot and see how it works. If anyone has additional insight, this is where my topic on this subject is:

    Edit: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I think this looks to be the best solution for what I tried to achieve and it looks to be working just fine. If anyone is curious, this is how i done it (in Powershell).

    New-Item -Path "c:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data" -ItemType SymbolicLink -Value "g:\VivaldiProfile\User Data"

    Of course you'd have to fill the new location for where you want it to be.

  • Green screen while watching videos on Prime and few others . Youtube seems fine ( I think )

    0_1547315697918_Annotation 2019-01-10 205706.png

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    @vkk178 I can't even manage loading prime videos at all in this snapshot, let alone seeing green.

  • @vkk178 I can load that site just fine, did you check your extensions?


  • Action Center/Notification/Youtube potential bug.
    Youtube have changed how the Notifications work, now the comments open inside the menu that opens from the bell, you can see what happens after you click on a notification now on the image below.
    alt text
    I assume that because of how Youtube changed what a click on a Notification should achieve, it broke Vivaldi notifications for the website. You can click it all you want in the popup or Action Center, nothing will happen. Close is not working either. Now you have to "Clear all notifications" to get rid of YT/Vivaldi notifications in the Action Center.
    Gonna try to disable extensions before clicking on next see if that helps.
    The above is not working either, extensions or not.
    Here's how it looks:

  • Notifications are broken like in the above post not just with Youtube, but also with downloads that finish. Should be easier to replicate.
    alt text

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    @t0yz ive been noticing broken notifications for a long time, every since snapshots for v2.2

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    Leaving a fullscreen YouTube video causes the tabs to not appear, even though the tab bar is visible.

    Doesn't happen every time though.


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