minc’s login form is not detected by auto login

  • https://www.minc.gr.jp/db/ this site, click top right blue LOGIN (ログイン) button to log in.
    This login form is not detected by the Privacy > Save Webpage Passwords option.
    So I have to retype by hand each time.
    Even the email address (ID) is not remembered, maybe it’s because of that autocomplete="off" attribute…

    Also this form has an issue, if you press ENTER it won’t log in.
    It is not Vivaldi’s fault, it’s a bug in their web page.
    You have to manually mouse click the grey LOGIN (ログイン) button after having filled out email adresse (メールアドレス), password (パスワード) and captcha (画像認証).
    Maybe it is why it is not detected.

    Or maybe everything is because of that autocomplete="off" attribute… 🤔
    If so, maybe this attribute was made for banks and stuff like that, but we, users should be able to say for what site we allow saving (whitelist).

  • I found this similar topic where I read that autocomplete="off" should not block Vivaldi saving logins and passwords.
    Indeed if I go to chrome://settings/passwords I see that I have saved login and password in the past.
    I remember that with an older version of Vivaldi, not very long time ago, quite recently, my login and password would appear but after a long delay, after like 30 seconds on the page when I tabulate to/from fields… but now no more.

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi 2.3 ignores autocomplete=off now.
    Please retest your login problem.

  • @Gwen-Dragon Now this login form is better as I can hit Enter to submit (it used to not work).
    But login/pwd are still not saved filled in and I cannot select them although they are in the saved passwords (difficult to find but I found them)…
    May be because of that integrated captcha… 🤔

  • Moderator

    That is a fault of the webpage's HTML form.
    On minc page is no user and password field Vivaldi can detect as user and password field.

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